Combatting Waste

Raising awareness & campaigning against the illegal dumping of millions of tonnes of toxic Computer waste globally every year. Promoting Responsible IT Asset Disposal – Endorsing founding principles of SSIT Ltd

Giving children access to IT

Deploying & maintaining Sustainable IT Labs as charitable donations to schools in developing countries. Owning & delivering 1-2 IT lab donations per year (minimum) to schools in areas of economic need – dependent on funding. Ensuring that the IT is the cleanest, & most sustainable it can be based on available kit & funding

Volunteering programme

Offering Teachers and IT Professionals the chance to change lives by volunteering on Sun Screen IT Foundation’s regular trips to Africa, deploying the IT, training local teachers, and sharing vital skills; enhancing the learning environment for underprivileged children globally.

Inspiring Schools in UK & Africa to Partner, share, learn and GROW together

Why Sun Screen IT Foundation?

Sun Screen IT Foundation is an organisation inspired by a Ghanaian Head Master & Teacher, and founded by Nathaniel Comer, an Enterprise IT Specialist in the UK, with experience from Oracle, Sun Microsystems, & BMC among other Software Vendors.

Our mission is to enable the education of millions of individuals over the next thirty years, bringing Information through sustainable, carbon-efficient technology to Schools and people in need without the long term cost of ownership or burden of hardware maintenance, Data centre costs, or risk of theft.

Where we started...

“My whole family are Teachers, and the idea for Sun Screen IT Foundation came to me in 2008, when I met teachers from Ghana, West Africa who were visiting the school in Somerset in which my mother taught. They told me about the problem that developed countries are sending thousands of computers each month to West Africa in the name of Charity, but that these are not reaching the schools, and instead are being burned or picked apart in electronic waste dumps for scrap metal, by children as young as 6. The computers that were being donated were hardly ever reaching the schools. The ones that did reach the schools either broke or used so much electricity that they could not be sustained. Hearing about this problem I realised that I could make a difference with my IT connections and my knowledge of the most efficient desktop computers (known as Thin Clients). More importantly, that just a small change in the way the UK, Europe, and the West recycle IT equipment can be leveraged to make a massive improvement to the education of children in developing countries.”

Nathaniel Comer – Founder

Mission objectives

Global skills

Providing specific learning resources for young people to develop IT skills, empowering global employability.

Expert Volunteers

Industry Experts volunteering to provide tailored support for staff and students alike

Reducing cost

Reducing the burden of local electricity costs by up to 90%

Carbon footprint

Reducing the local carbon footprint of ICT by up to 75%


Training local staff to maintain optimised hyper-efficient desktop systems


Reducing moving parts of IT equipment by up to 95%, increasing availability; decreasing maintenance cost

Get involved.

The people of developing Nations don’t need a hand-out, they Just need a hand. Your donation no matter how small will be used to secure those pupils a better future.

What can you do to make a difference?